Dancing with the Stars Ireland

Week 2

Just like the male celebrities showcased their first dances last week, last night was the turn of the female celebrities.

We loved the opening show dance last night with all the Pro’s. Yet again we were glued to the screen to see Karen and she didn’t disappoint.

At this point in the show we have watched all couples dance but the real competition starts on Week 3.
Next week (Week 3), we will get to see all the couples in action in the show and the vote offs will commence.
All the votes cast for the past two shows will contribute towards the vote counts next week.

Team Jake and Karen are going to make this happen !!!!

Tune into watch Amanda Byram and Nicky Byrne host Dancing with the Stars on RTÉ One at 6.30pm each Sunday from January 7th.

And don’t forget to VOTE for Jake & Karen… !!!
During the show when the presenters say VOTE…
Text JAKE to 53125 or Call 1513 71 71 02


Week 1


What an opening night…. From start to finish we were entertained watching Dancing with the Stars.

We loved the introduction dance to ‘Relight My Fire’ which was a great way for all the celebrities and professional dancers show us their moves and grooves 💃🏻🕺🏾

This week all the male celebrities – Athlete Rob Heffernan, Comedian Bernard O’Shea, Ex-Rubgy Player Tomas O’Leary, Musician Jake Carter & Sports Commentator Marty Morrissey took to the floor with their partners.

Next week the female celebrities will showcase their first dances. But we did get to see a taster of the girls dancing when they performed in a group dance to ‘Ain’t Your Mama’.


We know how much time and effort Jake and Karen have invested into their first show dance together and we were dazzled by their Salsa performance with an added bit of a DAB.
Jake & Karen RTE1 Instagram

And we reckon Jake’s new nickname of Jake ‘Snake Hips’ Carter given to him by judge Darren Bennett might be something that sticks…. After all, did you see his hips moving on that floor???…

And what a great way to end the first week with Jake & Karen to be top of the judges leader board. But to be fair we reckon that Jake & Karen’s Salsa was worth way more points than the 19 awarded. Let’s hope the judges are a bit more generous next week allocating points for pure dance skills. Who thought The Grinch was just for Christmas… 6 points??? hhmmmmmm 😉

Check out our exclusive backstage photos from the show…..


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