Our dancers in ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’

One of the added advantages of being part of one of the largest and most successful Dance Schools in Ireland, are the oppurtunities that come up for the students to take part in different projects.

Having already some of our dancers on ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ we were delighted that more of our dancers were picked to give tutorials on ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ – the sister show of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.
Eoin and Halle explained the basics of paso doble and samba and gave a great insight to both dances.

The jive and the tango demos were given by Elliot and Avah with an explanation on both.


Following on from this, more of our dancers were asked to dance with the professional dancers on one of the DwtS show. They performed to Michael Jacksons ‘Man in the Mirror’ with Elliot taking the solo dance.The whole routine was fabulous and was given a well deserved standing ovation.


For any parent thinking of sending their children to dance classes there is nowhere better for them to learn in a fun environment that encourages them to be as good as they can be and be taught by great and dedicated teachers.